Temple of Eternity Downloads

13th Feburary 2013: TOE clue book updated and expanded!

Refer to the link below for the updated TOE cluebook!

12th August 2012: New TOE Update!

The latest version of Steffen Hagen's massive campaign, Temple of Eternity (ToE) has arrived! Check it out! The download link is below.

Also check out the additional music tracks download for some cool music to accompny the ToE campaign. Plus there's a cluebook available if you get stuck.

If you have any questions, comments or bug reports for TOE please direct them to Steffen:


Temple of Eternity Campaign Downloadable

Download Temple of Eternity (~8.5mb) here:

Installation guide:

1) Download DD2

2) Download Temple of Eternity zip file

3) Delete the MOD directory in DD2 and replace it with the Temple of Eternity MOD directory

4) Play the game!


Download Temple of Eternity soundtrack (~75mb) here:

Installation guide:

1) Download the music zip file

2) Extract the zip file contents into the DD2 music directory

FAQ File

Here's a link to the Temple of Eternity, FAQ (the FAQ will be expanded based on feedback in the near future)

Clue Book

Stuck? Here is the Temple of Eternity, cluebook. If you still have any questions, Steffen is happy to help out! (see email address above)

Map of the Ancient Lands

Here's a map of the game world - the Ancient Lands. Definately recommended.

Spoiler Map of the Glimmering Forest

Having trouble navigating the Glimmering Forest? Here's a spoiler map!

Temple of Eternity Screenshots

Screen 1 : Temple of Eternity Title Screen

Screen 2 : The Adventure Begins...

Screen 3 : Deep in Glimmering Forest

Screen 4 : Southern Greyshore

Screen 5 : Being watched by giant toads in the Temple of the Toad


If you have any queries or comments, I would be happy to hear from you. I am particularly interested in specific feedback about the game - what you liked and didn't like. Also, if you spot a bug, let me know! To send me an e-mail click here:

e-mail: laurenslafebre@gmail.com